Girlfriend Trend Boutique and Magic NY Part 2

Magic and Coterie are some of the most popular retail industry shows in our line of business. Typically based in Vegas, they have held two shows in NYC. We’ve been able to attend both and were excited to be back based on our experience in September. Here’s what happened this time around.

One of the best parts about this show is its size and convenient location, since we’re based in Philadelphia. Online registration makes entry into Javits Center quite easy. There’s no fee, as the vendors cover the cost to attend. They just want your business. There were a lot friendly faces (via smiling eyes) and we were able to connect with vendors that we’ve done business with over the past few months. We also found new partners because nothing replaces the ability to touch and feel items and get a true sense of the color and quality of the fabrics. They offer a variety of industry related shows and if you’re lucky, you can get a swag bag with products. We grabbed two. They also provide a good amount of food options and if all else fails, head outside to Hell’s Kitchen to experience some savory options nearby. We recommend Friedman’s. 

Now, onto some of the unpleasantries. First, the clothing we loved was just too expensive to make it make sense for our customers. So we really dug deep to find the right mix. Many of the vendors are based in Los Angeles, removing the possibility of driving up to see them when the shows are over. Speaking of driving, Javits doesn’t have parking so we drove around for long periods of time to find parking. I mean, it’s New York. They had a lot of clothing options for next fall and winter. Umm, ma’am, where’s the spring and summer collections? And while most vendors were super friendly, we still encountered the occasional classism or some “ism” if you know what we mean. It’s a coldness that you feel and it certainly wasn’t because of our attire or demeanor. We received compliments the entire time we were there.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience and we can’t wait to bring you some of the pieces we purchased for Girlfriend Trend Boutique. We will be back in the fall. The question is will it be NYC or Vegas?
SN: We chose cuteness over substance and went to a restaurant that was picture perfect. Don't ever do that! 

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